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Desiree works with what she likes to describe as scar tissue in the energy field of the body. This is usually caused by some kind of trauma, either being physical or emotional. These scars can be stored in any of the fascia layers, muscles, bones and even in spaces in the body. They cause aches, pains, loss of movement, depression, disease, and blocks in your life. Cranial Unwinding, Polarity and Myofascial Energetic massage are the modalities she uses. Feeling the cranial wave and the meridian lines (polarity) leads her to the blocks that hold the “energetic scar” in the body. She is then guided mostly by feelings that she begins to receive in her own body, but also from impressions, visions and sound. All along she is communicating with the client to see if their body resonates. If interested in a session contact her to book an appointment. You can …
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