An online directory of graduates and instructors from Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, Southwest Institute of Natural Aesthetics and Spirit of Yoga.

Joseph Daniel Drew

Graduated from Southwest Institute of Healing Arts (SWIHA) in 2006

Joseph Daniel Drew grew up with a mild type of cerebral palsy and many psychic medium/empathic gifts.

Joseph received a Master Massage Practitioner’s Diploma and Advanced Certificates in Energy Work, Reflexology, Cranial Unwinding, Polarity Therapy, and became an Reiki Master/Teacher as well as an Licensed Massage Therapist. He graduated from the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts in Tempe, Arizona.

Joseph also graduated from the University of Metaphysics in Sedona, Arizona. He received a Bachelor of Metaphysical Science Degree, Metaphysical Practitioner’s Diploma, and became an Ordained Metaphysical Minister through the International Metaphysical Ministry.


“Joseph Daniel Drew is an incredibly gifted energy healer. When I had bronchitis he cleared my lungs without even touching me.” Dianna Gutoski, Worldwide channel and author

“I have experienced many sessions with Joseph and have received many of his different modalities of intuitive work. He offers comfort and trust to the individual, so that you can open to the healing aspects of the session and allow the healing energies to come in. He supports you and listens to your body to offer you exactly what you need. I leave each session feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and out of discomfort. I always look forward to my sessions with Joseph he’s awesome.” Reverend Rebecca Cutehands, Cherokee energy worker and artist

“I am blessed to know Joseph Daniel Drew (I love, love, love him!) and to have received Joseph’s hands-on healings since early 2010. In an atmosphere of love, trust, confidence and respect, Joseph intuitively receives what healing is needed and applies that healing in a gentle and straightforward manner. Joseph is also a gifted teacher who generously shares his knowledge of the body and healing, translating information in a way that is easy to understand. If you have questions, just ask! I highly recommend Joseph for those new to energy healing as well as advanced practitioners. I hope that your sessions with Joseph are as wonderful and fruitful as mine have been!” Laureen Petersen, Energy worker

“Working with Joseph is amazing. After several healing sessions, it is clear that Joseph is a powerful healer and energy worker. He has helped me remove blockages, and help me to shift out of both emotional and physical difficulties. He’s even worked with our animals during a difficult transition time. After moving into a new house, he came into our home and did several clearings which assisted with helping us create a balanced and healthy environment in our new home, including our animals. I highly recommend working with this highly gifted and intuitive healer.” Ervie Isom, Pianist and singer

“I have received several amazing sessions with Joseph and can say that Joseph is highly gifted as well as very knowledgeable with many modalities. To describe his work I would say relaxing, refreshing and infinite possibilities of healing!! Everyone should be blessed with his touch!” Jeanette Ontiveros, Licensed Massage Therapist and energy worker

“I have had several sessions with Joseph and each one has been a powerful and insightful experience. Because Joseph has mastered many spiritual disciplines, he can offer more of a holistic healing experience. I recommend him highly!” Stephen Hetrick, Energy worker & Coach