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Pamela Shippey is a Massage Therapist and Certified Hypnotherapist dedicated to personal growth. Pamela says that one of her earliest childhood memories included late night television watching with family. “I was fascinated by shows which included surgeries. I always thought I would become a nurse, surgical assistant or psychologist. This fascination never went away. I knew one way or another I would work in spirituality and wellness, fortunately, I was able to combine the two and Awakening NU Energy was birthed.” Southwest Institute of Healing Arts was her first educational platform that engaged her in the practices of healing, spiritual wellness, massage and hypnotherapy. Through this endeavor, she earned her credential as a Professional Massage Therapist, and through further study became a certified hypnotherapist. She says her career paths chose her, and as a person who listens to the spirit of the people she serve, is now happily helping Valley …
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