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Jessica Monteggia – Foundations In Flow

Graduated from Southwest Institute of Healing Arts (SWIHA) in 2019

Jessica comes from the corporate work world and pivoted her career and her life to follow her passion of Holistic Nutrition back in 2018. In her corporate work days, she was burnt out, exhausted, and in general had a pessimistic outlook on life. Since then she has used numerous holistic modalities to help her overcome her own burnout (the natural way), with one specific approach standing out that changed her health and her life. Her own experience of overcoming her burnout is what inspired her to help other women in business do the same. Using a new modality called Human Design, Jessica provides a customized approach to understanding which areas of your life are causing your burnout (because believe it or not, they are all correlated). When working with clients, she covers rest management, relationships, self-talk, and key lifestyle hacks to help you create natural energy to live life in the way you desire. The key with this approach is that it is all individualized and catered to YOU. If you are ready to finally feel liberated from your burnout and start living life from a place of excitement and fulfillment, Jessica can’t wait to work with you.

Business Specialties
Holistic Nutrition Specialist
Online Coaching
Yoga Instructor
Human Design Specialist
Corporate Wellness Events

“The Spirit is life. The mind is the builder. The physical is the result.”Edgar Cayce