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Jamie Allen Bishop

Graduated from Master Toe Reader in 2008


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Birmingham Alabama
United States

Jamie Allen Bishop found KC Miller in November 2005. KC is an elegant woman who was sitting on the floor serving an hour-long-line of clients. Bearing witness to this made Jamie realize, “I need to be doing that!” In a matter of months, Jamie received her Master’s Degree from Arizona State University and a Master Toe Reader Certification from SWIHA. Hired for private toe reading parties, individual transformation programs, and corporate training events, Jamie realized she couldn’t do it all alone. Her private-practice business (formerly known and Reflexology, Toe Reading & Events) morphed into a business that allowed Jamie and a team of specialists serve more clients. Soul Heart Entertainment: Event Talent Coordination was created to handle the increased demand for holistic arts entertainment. We currently serve four states in the Southwest (AZ, CA, CO & NV), and are opening a Southeast (AL, FL & GA) operation in January 2015. At Soul Heart Entertainment, we are in the business of increasing the vibration of this planet – one sole at a time. Call/Email to schedule our talented professionals for your next event.

When I entered the front door at SWIHA, I felt the unmistakable feeling of “coming home.” I knew instantly this was an experience I would cherish for the rest of my life, and that I would be a lifelong learner of the SWIHA programs and philosophies. I used to wish I could find a career that was “my calling.” I found exactly that at SWIHA.