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Cammi Sanchez – Good Vibrations Holistic Wellness


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Killeen Texas
United States

Cammi Sanchez is a certified hypnotherapist, life coach, holistic wellness practitioner, and owner of Good Vibrations Holistic Wellness. She is also an ordained minister and performs a variety of spiritual ceremonies, from weddings to blessings. She received her degree in holistic health care from Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, and is currently studying for her bachelor’s degree in complementary and alternative health. After completing her undergrad, she plans to attend the National College of Natural Medicine and become a naturopathic physician.

Cammi is passionate about helping her clients achieve total health and wellness. Her transformational philosophy is one based on the principle of wholeness; mind, body, and spirit, and believes in the body’s healing wisdom. Cammi uses a variety of modalities to assess wellness and facilitate healing in her clients; such as, wellness coaching to educate her clients on the principles of holistic wellness, aromatherapy and herbal remedies to aid the healing and wellness process, and hypnotherapy to help her clients resolve and release mistaken beliefs in order to remove barriers to total health and happiness.

Cammi has helped many people achieve the level of wellbeing they desire, and can do the same for you. If it is your time to step into greatness, allow Cammi to be your guide and partner throughout your journey. She is available for sessions both in person, and via online conferencing platforms. In the meantime, “Keep pickin’ up Good Vibrations!”

Skype: cammi.sanchez