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Barbara Black – Imagine Wellness

Graduated from Southwest Institute of Healing Arts (SWIHA) in 2017


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(480) 433-7636


Tempe Arizona
United States

Barbara Black grew up on a farm with simple enriched values from her parents. From as far back as she can remember she knew she wanted to help people in any capacity possible. She always had a sensitivity for those who seemed to be struggling in some area of their life and has always felt the need to want to listen and hear their “story” and help them through it. She has been encouraged throughout her life to expand on her gift of truly caring and giving back. After working 30 plus years in the medical field she has found her passion of helping others through hypnotherapy/guided imagery. She has made it her mission to guide you to the discovery of your inner true self, explore new awareness and open your mind, body and spirit to endless possibilities. Barbara continues to share her gift of empowering the inner-self to discover, recognize and motivate the real you.

Business Specialties

  • Hypnotherapy