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A’sya Khalifah – One Living Healthy Naturally-YOU

Graduated from Southwest Institute of Healing Arts (SWIHA) in 2016

A’sya Khalifah is a highly skilled Holistic Wellness Practitioner, Life Coach, Holistic Nutritionist, Hypnotherapist and Toe Reader with over 10 years of experience in healthcare, working in both private practice and along side Specialty OB/GYN Physicians Specialty sectors assisting in women’s care that suffer from candida, hpv, bv amongst other cervical disorders and vaginal disorders. These women desire to want to treat holistically. She opened her private practice, “One Living Healthy Naturally-YOU in 2017, with a mission to treat the body, mind, spirit and soul as one. A’sya uses her knowledge and training of psychology, nutrition, meditation, energy and the arts to assist others in working through their physical, nutritional, fear, emotional or artistic blocks to express their greatest universal potential in their lives and careers by releasing trauma or old habits, and to attain optimal health. A’sya means “Medicine Woman-The Healer” Here in her own essence and divinity is where she grew into her purpose. It was then she highlighted that people needed a better way to be educated about obtaining optimal health. She seeks to help individuals understand the true underlying nature of their disharmony in their body. She strongly believes in a holistic universal approach that integrates care of the mind, body and spirit.

Business Specialties
Holistic Nutrition Specialist
Integrative Healing Arts
Life Coach
Mindfulness & Guided Imagery
Online Coaching
Relationship Coaching
Spa Treatments
Special Touch
Stress Management
Toe Reader