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Amy Khan – Amy Khan Nutrition

Graduated from Southwest Institute of Healing Arts (SWIHA) in 2013


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Mount Pleasant South Carolina 29496
United States

Amy Khan is a Certified Holistic Nutritionist and Holistic Personal Chef. I believe that an integration of holistic living, healthy nutrition, and cooking all work synergistically. There are so many diets out there that claim to be the best: the raw food diet, blood-type specific diet, the whole 30 diet, ketogenic…the list goes on. With all these advertised diets claiming to be the best, it can become extremely overwhelming to figure out what best suits you.

With a balanced nutritional and holistic lifestyle plan, we can effectively improve your health. Hormones, energy levels, mental aptitude and feelings of emotions, thought patterns, performance and anxiety characteristics, and overall state of well-being all can be improved. It is yours for the taking! When you eat to nourish, you will build a healthy relationship with food, prevent and reverse diseases, and be setting yourself up for your highest potential and most fulfilling life.

Mission Statement: I am passionate about helping individuals achieve their long-term diet and nutritional goals by creating nutritionally sound meals that nourish and heal. Whether you are seeking help with fatigue, weight loss, hormonal imbalances, or disease prevention, each client is individually evaluated and provided with a well-researched, evidence based and comprehensive treatment plan that you can sustainably follow

Business Specialties

  • Holistic Nutrition
  • Personal Chef
  • Certified Herbalist