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For many years Tara was in search of something. She longed for a life of purpose and spiritual connectedness and attended different schools trying to find what she was looking for. It was when Tara found SWIHA that her life began to change. She graduated in 2012 from the Mind Body Wellness Practitioner Program with certifications in Yoga, Life Coaching, Spiritual Studies and Transformational Reiki. Since then, Tara has worked with many people from teaching yoga in large groups to individual one-on-one Soul Coaching sessions. Because Tara understands what it feels like to be in search of something greater within, her focus has shifted to helping people connect to their soul and life purpose through life coaching sessions via phone and face to face online. Through her continued study of the works of Byron Katie and Susan Anderson, along with her knowledge of our physical and energetic systems, she takes …
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