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Zen Benefiel – Be The Dream LLC

Graduated from Hypnotherapy (1998), Life Coaching in 2004


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1863 W. Homestead Dr.
Chandler Arizona 85286
United States

Our Mission: To provide leading edge transformational personal and business development services. Since 1988, Be The Dream LLC has provided a bridge between business and spiritual practices, from facilitated workshops to life coaching. Zen’s special sauce includes deep personal understanding and wisdom. Transformational life coaching methods include esoteric and pragmatic elements (hard and soft skills) to synergize hands-on experience with best practices to give clients stellar outcomes.

Benefiel’s done his homework; earning a BSBA, MA, and MBA along with Secondary Teaching, Hypnotherapy and Transformational Life Coach Certifications. Zen also developed and taught the on ground Business Plan Writing class at SWIHA, facilitating the first BP writing class online in 2010. A little deeper dive into Zen’s life and purpose reveals an awkward beginning with a spiritual awakening at 18 in college. It included a message of helping to facilitate harmony among people and planet. His path was different than most, with that kind of awareness at such a young age. Fast forward to recent times, he came off a 30-year hiatus from his first TV show to produce One World in a New World on YouTube in 2021. It led to an invitation and acceptance of the Executive Director position with the Live and Let Live Foundation and Global Peace Movement, stepping in with 30 chapters in 19 countries already in progress. His advancement provides an ultimate opportunity to utilize his skill set and transformational approach to leadership on a global scale now.

“I consider Zen to be one of those superlative examples of what the human brain can store and serve up in unique and appealing ways at will on most any occasion or assignment. To say his range of knowledge and interests are “eclectic” is engaging in understatement. And this is what makes his services as a “possibilities coagulator” for his clients so valuable and exciting. Smart fellow! Great ally!” Dudley Lynch, President, Brain Technologies Inc.; Author of Strategy of the Dolphin and Mother of All Minds.

“Zen Benefiel is a man of great ideas and passion. You will never find Zen in a box ~ “Out of the Box” thinking is one of his best attributes. He is a wonderful motivational speaker and workshop leader. A few years ago I had the opportunity to bring him in to work with a staff of 15 people for Team Building. He did an outstanding job ~ so much so we still use the information as a benchmark for communication.” K.C. Miller, Founder/Owner, Southwest Institute of Healing Arts

I particularly liked how the courses gave you hands-on or face-to-face, spirit-to-spirit, soul-to-soul experience. The courses also presented opportunities to go deeper into one’s self-awareness and considerable validation of intuitive as well as training recognition. The atmosphere was conducive to exploring our inner and outer balance points in the safety of an environment set up for that purpose. Thanks to Merrill, Linda, Linda and KC for the great programs.