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Julie Conway – Mind-Body Transformational Psychology

Graduated from Southwest Institute of Healing Arts (SWIHA) in 2014

Julie Conway, owner of Conway Spirit Farm, uses a combination of coaching and FasterEFT to provide an empowering, hands-on approach to stress management, trauma recovery, and pain relief.

Stress is a normal and necessary part of life, but how we respond to stress is very important. Poor stress response is dangerous and can lead to illness, dysfunction, and even death. Julie has experienced the negative effects of stress in her own life and does not want other to have to learn “the hard way” as she has. Her main modality is FasterEFT because it is easy to learn and implement and is effective. In the FasterEFT belief system, no one is broken. “Problems” are successful manifestations of current belief systems, and beliefs can change. This is a great shift in perspective. FasterEFT is empowering and allows clients to take control of their own lives. We are not simply victims of circumstance; we create our lives and choose, in each moment, how to respond to all that we encounter. Being able to consciously respond, rather than unconsciously react, is a powerful and liberating way of being. It is one way in which we can go from simply existing to fully living.

Peace in the world starts with peace within.

SWIHA is a wonderful, supportive, inclusive environment in which it is safe (and even encouraged) to be yourself and reach for your dreams, whatever those dreams may be.

Business Specialties
  • Online Coaching
  • Stress Management
  • Spiritual Studies
  • Toe Reader
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